Free Patterns

These are all patterns that I have designed and made available for you here, free of charge.  These patterns can also be downloaded via Ravelry.  For any questions or comments, please contact me at


Glacier Toque

I have always knit hats with traditional brims that are as long in the front as they are in the back, but I find myself pulling the brim down at the back, to better cover my neck and ears, and then I end up having to fold up the brim at the front, as it starts to slip into my eyes.  With this in mind, I set out to design a hat that has a longer brim at the back than at the front, so it will keep your neck and ears toasty without slipping down in the front. 

 Knit in a plush alpaca blend yarn grown and milled in Rollyview, Alberta, at a gauge that produces a dense, cushy fabric, this hat will keep your ears warm even in a blustery Edmonton winter. 


Rainbow Valley Pullover

When I saw this yarn, I was attracted to the vividness of the colours in the rainbow section, and I couldn't wait to get it on the needles to see how it would knit up.  Once swatched it, it did produce an appealing rainbow stripe pattern, and even the grey in the background has lovely semi-solid tones.  It inspired me to create this sweater, and when my daughter saw the swatch she claimed the sweater for herself.  The bright colours are perfect for a toddler!

 I chose a simple stitch to let the beauty of the yarn shine through, with a textural stripe to echo the stripe pattern created by the dyeing scheme.  The seamless design and simplicity of the stitch make this a relatively quick knit, but it does require some grafting under the arms.