Give Me a Bake

I started out wanting to keep this blog very focused on knitting and on crafting in general, and while I’ve enjoyed finding out news about knitting, showing new patterns, and also what I’m knitting, I feel like my blog isn’t totally reflecting who I am.  I love to knit, of course, but I also love to bake and sew and garden, to spend time with my family, and to live in an awesome place. So I will start expanding the scope of my blog, to better reflect my life and my interests -- I will still have a lot of knitting-related content, of course, but I hope you’ll enjoy reading about my adventures in non-knitting endeavours.


On that note, what’s in the oven this week?   Graham cracker cookies!  It does seem a bit weird to take graham crackers, pulverize them into crumbs, then bake them up into cookies, but hear me out -- these are like cookie versions of the graham cracker crust that you’d find on a cheesecake (or, I hear, certain pies, but I’ve only ever used the graham crust for cheesecake).  And without all that cream cheese getting in the way, you really get to taste the salty-sweet crumbiness. And by taste, I mean baste your tastebuds with. The only changes I made to the recipe were to double the salt (to ½ tsp) and to use a 1-tbsp-sized cookie scoop, so I got about 27 cookies.


Also, because I wanted to use up the rest of the box of graham cracker crumbs, I made magic bars (I used the recipe in The Redpath Canadian Bake Book, which isn’t available online, but this one is very similar).  I don’t know if I would actually say they’re magic -- there’s no mystery, to me, about how delicious the combination of crunchy roasted nuts, chocolate chips, coconut, creamy condensed milk, and graham crumbs is.  I’m just waiting for them to cool now so I can start mashing them into my mouth with both hands...