Free Pattern Friday: Lissome

What a cute and easy summer-weight wrap!  The boxy, drapey shape is very contemporary.  Summer has arrived in Edmonton, all of a a sudden, and this pattern is bringing to mind the couple of skeins of linen yarn that I already have in my stash…

Images by Bitchcraft

Free Pattern Friday: Lace for Mom Stole

The March issue of Knotions is out, and it’s almost all lace projects.  The Lace for Mom Stole is a stunning rectangular piece that would be a perfect gift for Mothers’ Day!

Images by Knotions

Free Pattern Friday: Eastman T-shirt

Check out this pattern from Berroco, for the Eastman t-shirt.  So springy and fiiiiiinally we have the weather for shorter sleeves!  I like the flattering A-line shape and interesting textured stitch pattern, and I'd probably make the sleeves a little longer (just above the elbow).  

It’s written for a cotton/cashmere blend made by Berroco, which is intriguing -- probably the closest thing I’ve ever knit with is a cotton/wool blend from Rowan, which gets some elasticity from the wool content.  You could probably substitute a different yarn, but I’d stick to a cotton or linen blend (not 100% cotton), as without some other fibre in there cotton itself tends to droop.

Images by Berroco

Free Pattern Friday: Forever April Sweater

How cute and cuddly is this sweater?  (Rav link)  The colour is perfect, and I love the visible shaping on the front and back, which look like very precise darts.  And it is a perfect spring sweater, simultaneously revealing and thermal.

Free Pattern Friday: Striped Cardigan

This cardigan from Classic Elite has a very basic name to suit a very basic sweater.  That sounds like a knock but it's not, though; it’s the basics that get the most wear, so I won’t turn my nose up at a cardigan like this one.  It looks super cute over a dress, the same way the sample is styled.

The pattern includes options for cardigan length and sleeve length so it’s very customizable, and you could mix it up infinitely in terms of colours.  Curiously, the pattern is written with the sleeves being knit flat and then seamed, though this is easy enough to change if you want to, and if you eliminate the sleeve seams there is very minimal finishing indeed.  Plus, bulky weight yarn! You could start this at the beginning of Spring Break and be done by the end of the week, I bet.

Free Pattern Friday: Calling It Spring

It’s not quite spring here -- we probably have to wait another few weeks to ditch the heavy winter clothes) but I’m always in a rush to call it spring and get into my spring knits.

Speaking of which, I have a few for you today.  Spring in a city like Edmonton means we’re still reaching for hats, mitts, and scarves (albeit lighter ones than we wear in the winter) and so you knit yourself a Spring Strata cowl, a Spring Thaw set, a Magic Spring Shawl, a Spring Picnic Beret, and/or a set of Spring Bloom Mitts.

Images by (left to right above) Mikal Mast, Naoko Ogawa, Cathy-Cathy; (left to right below) Sarah Leadbetter, Rachel Atkinson

Need a bit more covering up?  Try the Spring Cardigan, which you could dress up with some adorable appliqued leaves, and the Spring Stream Socks.

Images by Cascade Yarns (left) and Life is Cozy (right)

Free Pattern Friday: Yarn Bobbins


How cute are these little llamas?  They're intended for storing little bits of yarn -- they would really be handy when you're done a project and want to keep a sample of the yarn for future reference or repairs.  Or you might even use a little bobbin like this for intarsia, though I would use pretty thick cardboard.

Image by Picot Pals



If you're not into llamas, there are kitten ones, thread-themed ones, these adorable sheep, and little waving animal ones.  

Images by (clockwise from top left) Little White Whale, Wild Olive, Wild Olive, American Felt and Craft


Or you could emulate these sly lambs (I can't find these for sale anywhere, but I couldn't leave them out of this round-up!):

Image by Gwyn M. Lewis





And a last, very quick and pretty idea, is Attic24's yarn pegs:

Image by Attic24

Free Pattern Friday: Kindness Shawl

Jaala Spiro’s Kindness Shawl is just lovely.  The lace, the mesh, the soothing oceanic tones:

  Image by Knitcircus

Image by Knitcircus

Look Pumpkin Sunrise’s version!  I can’t stop looking at that colourway.  She’s right; it’s perfect for that one skein of indie dyer yarn that you just couldn’t leave behind at the last fibre fair you went to.  I’ll be the first to admit I have a drawer full of those! Or you could put together a few ball ends for an ombre look like in the original.   



Free Pattern Friday: Meabh's Cardigan

I am sure that isn't actually spelled correctly, in that I can't really figure out how to put accents on letters in Squarespace, but if you can forgive that then you'll find a beautiful cardigan for infants and toddlers (it's sized from 0-4 years).  The yarn choice is perfect, and I love the cabling detail on the back, with the cables emerging from a ribbed fabric.

There's a matching hat too, if you're into that sort of thing.

All images by Ciara Ni Reachtnin

Free Pattern Friday: Tea Cozies

I spotted this beauty and was seized by a strange desire to knit a tea cozy.  Even though I basically never use a tea pot (I make a single cup at a time).  Chalk it up to the cuteness of what is essentially a sweater for something that doesn't normally wear a sweater, and the impeccable colourwork on that particular tea cozy, I guess.  Or maybe it's the hunkering-down-in-February mood?

 Image by Slate Falls Press

Image by Slate Falls Press

Lucky for me, there are a loooooot of options for free tea cozy patterns on Ravelry:

Top row, left to right:  Pink (image by Knit Shear Bliss), Smocked (Patons), Beehive (Patons), Ice Cream (Handy Little Me)

Bottom row, left to right:  Candy (DaftThoughts), Basket Weave (Tea For Ewe), Stripes and Dots (Allison Griffith), Pineapple (Tanya Today)

That retro pineapple one is AMAZING, guys!  And it comes in a knit or a crocheted version, so anyone can do it.  And I like the way the Stripes and Dots one includes shaping for the spout -- not entirely necessary, but it sure makes your teapot look even comfier.  The thing that I think would be the biggest headache is if you have an oddly-sized teapot and have to adjust the pattern to fit. 

And if you're more into coffee, how about a French press cozy, or one for your takeout coffee cup?

Left image by Knit Culture Studio, right image by Sabrina Thompson

Free Pattern Friday: Olympic Knits!

Some people are obviously much, much better planners than I.  I found no fewer than three (free!) hat (top row and bottom row) and one cowl pattern featuring some colourwork reverse-engineered from pictures of the hats Team USA wore at the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. 

Pictures by (clockwise from top left) Aimee Pelletier and Carly Stipe, The Wool & Cotton Co., Tanis Gray, Susan Rainey   

I didn't find any patterns replicating the hats for Team Canada, but they don't look very difficult to reverse-engineer:

 Image byfrom Metro News

Image byfrom Metro News

I bet if you zoomed in you could even count the rows and the stitches!

If you need a bit more of a challenge, there's this curling-inspired beauty:

 Image by STASH Lounge

Image by STASH Lounge

I did just watch mixed-doubles curling (waaay more entertaining than regular curling, for my money) for the first time, so I know am all ready for a rock-festooned hat.

And you could always knit your family this matching set! Hee!

 Image by Patons

Image by Patons

Free Pattern Friday: Valentine's Knitting

It's almost Valentine's Day!  Does anyone celebrate this holiday?  As the parent of a preschooler, I find myself celebrating every little holiday, largely with themed crafts and candy.  Always candy. 

Sometimes with knitting too, though!  I found some nice small projects that you could probably finish in time for Valentine's Day, if you start right away and give up sleeping for the next little while.  Ha!

Seriously, hats with hearts are so cute!  Clockwise from top left:  Heart Pops Hat, Hearts on Repeat Hat, Heart Emoji Beanie, Love the Winter Hat

Pictures by (clockwise from top left) Valley Yarns, Juliana Lustenader, Sheepy Shenanigans, Emily Dormier

And what about socks with hearts?  From left to right, Keep Me Searching For a Heart of Gold, Love Socks, Hearts Afire Socks 

Pictures by strickprinzessin, Devon Clement, Miss Babs

And you can't leave out mittens (Freja mitts) and cowls (Choose Love Cowl), can you?

Pictures by Fredrik Ulinder (left) and Kelsey Stephens (right)

And though I am mostly into wearable projects, this crochet-bedecked Reasons I Love You Jar is too adorable, and I love the crocheted interpretation of Danish hearts (which I've only seen done with paper before):

Pictures by Nicole Hedrick (left) and alipyper (right)








Free Pattern Friday: Stjernedrys

This super-cute pullover (Rav link) by Rachel Søgaard capitalizes on the pixelated pattern trend I've been seeing around, and also plays on the ombre/colour-dipped look. 

It's available in four languages (Dutch, German, English, and French) and is eminent customizable -- I love some of the colour combinations other Ravelers have come up with, and woolangel even incorporated the pixel pattern into a cowl.  It would look amazing in a semi-solid or hand-dyed yarn coupled with a solid yarn, and I wonder if the pixel pattern could be worked over the yoke as well, so it looks like the main colour is fading away toward the collar?  The decreases might make it difficult, but it would an interesting design challenge.

All photos from Filcolana

Free Pattern Friday: Miss Fox Socks

How cute are these?  You can get the whole set, socks, hat, and mitts, for free.   The size range is for children and it's pretty comprehensive, from zero to fourteen years.

They remind me a lot of these leggings from Hot Dame, a clothing company based out of Edmonton, but there's ample evidence that fox accessories are pretty hot right now.

All photos from Drops Design

Free Pattern Friday: Hygge Scheepjes wrap

A free crochet and cross-stitch pattern today, and if you don't know how to crochet or cross-stitch yet, then what better time to learn than the dead of winter?  The excitement of the holiday season is over, and we have no days off to look forward in the rest of the month, and here all we've had is dreary cold (daily highs around -20 Celsius, if you can call that a "high") and deep snow.  For me, it means a lot of early evenings spent indoors, needlecrafting.

 Image from Haak Maar Raak

Image from Haak Maar Raak

The Hygge Scheepjes wrap from Haak Maar Raak is just a big rectangle crocheted in a single stitch with a single colour of yarn, so even a beginner could handle it.   After the rectangle is done, a lovely sampler-like pattern is cross-stitched on.  Since the crochet stitch is so square, it makes a perfect canvas for cross-stitches (which are very easy to learn, if you don't know how already).


Free Pattern Friday: Knotions, December 2017

Now that the rush of Christmas is over, you can start a new project!  The December issue of Knotions has a few cute small projects for winter wear. 

I love the lace stitch in the Lambrusque cowl (and the pattern is also available in French!) and the Hike to Marion Falls shawl, and the Tributary hat has a lovely braided cable.  Check out the whole issue here.

All images from Knotions

Free Pattern Friday: Holiday Ornaments

Do you like to knit Christmas tree ornaments?  Heidi has an awesome bunch over at Hands Occupied.  And you still have three days until Christmas!  They're tiny, so if you give up sleeping and eating, you could probably get all twelve done, LOL.  Or maybe save them for next year. 

  Image from Hands Occupied

Image from Hands Occupied

And while you're planning ahead, they would make a great ornaments in a knitted advent calendar, like this one (left) or a crocheted one (right).

Images from Yarn Harlot (left) and Yarn Plaza (right)

I love, love, love advent calendars!  A few years ago my sister and I did an advent calendar swap, and she made me a cross-stitched set that can be hung on the tree (left; H is currently getting a puzzle piece per day from it) or made into a banner, and I made her a cross-stitched hanging one (right):

I'd love to have the time to make another advent calendar!  We'll see, in 2018, as I already have a lot of things planned.

Speaking of 2018, that's the next time I'll be posting again.  I'll be taking the next week or so off (as we all should!) to rest and relax and spend time with my family, and I'll be back on January 3rd with new posts for you.  Have a very happy holiday season, and I'll see you in the new year.  Happy knitting, everyone :)

Free Pattern Friday: DIY Yarn Tote Bag

This isn't a knitting pattern, but it is knitting-related!  I mostly knit, these days, but over the years I've picked up a lot of other crafty skills:  embroidery, sewing, quilting, crochet, even scrapbooking.  Mostly they supplement or complement my knitting habits.

I've written before about how much I love project bags, and I'm always looking for new ones.  You can't beat good old tote bags, though, and Jennifer at The Craft Patch has a super cute pattern to decorate one.  It uses heat-transfer vinyl, though you could turn her pattern into a stencil and use paint.  I love how it incorporates embroidery, and even includes the dots to guide your embroidery.  Accurately-embroidered lines are so beautiful.  And the pompom trim!  Too cute.

  Image from The Craft Patch

Image from The Craft Patch

Free Pattern Friday: Katherine Poulton's A Good Yarn

Here's something to keep you busy over the holidays:  five free knitting patterns from Katherine Poulton's A Good Yarn.  This isn't a new book, but I missed it when it came out (maybe it wasn't promoted that heavily in North America?).  Some good basics here; the Aaron handwarmers are pretty and have an interestingly-placed cable (though I'm more inclined to make them into mittens), and the Chunky Stripe hat has the perfect amount of slouch coupled with the timeless nautical stripe.  And check out the perfect Arctic attitude of the Narwhal blanket.

Photos from The Telegraph

Free Pattern Friday: Pine Sway Cowl

The Pine Sway Cowl (on Rav), designed by Juju Vail, is a great way to add some colour to your wardrobe, and the yarn choice is perfect (a woolly, slightly hairy yarn that has good stitch definition).  Lovely!  And I think that herringbone pattern would make a great bottom hem for a sweater, BTW.  Or on a hat! 

Photos by Juju Vail