Taking Stock, April 2018

Making: a pair of mittens, which I am designing myself, and a cowl, which I am also designing

Cooking: noodle bowls and curries, nesting food for the depths of winter

Drinking: lemonade and hot chocolate (alternately, depending on whether it’s snowing or summery.  What an April we’ve had…)

Deciding: just how much brassica (cabbage, broccoli, and brussels sprouts) I can grow this year

Wishing: I had started my greenhouse plants even earlier than I did -- it wasn’t that warm out, but it wasn’t dropping below freezing in the greenhouse overnight, so I think I could have put the seeds into pots at the beginning of April.

Enjoying: Easter chocolate, of course!

Waiting: and waiting and waiting for warmer weather!  We’ve had many days lately that look deceptively warm and sunny, until you step out into the blasting, icy winds and it feels like -15.  In April!

Liking: the song This Is Me from The Greatest Showman (I haven’t seen the movie yet, but my dance class is warming up to this song this session)

Wondering: when my AFLCA certification will come through.  It’s the certification I’m completing so I can be a fitness leader, and I finally finished the practical observation last week, which was the last piece of the (many) requirements.  

Loving: spring cleaning!  We’ve done a lot of the house, plus we took advantage of a sunny day to clean the car.  Next up, the craft stash.

Pondering: a new convertible backpack from Pixie Mood, though I really shouldn’t...

Considering: whether I’m ready for the MCAT prep course I’m teaching, which starts next week.  The course has been updated a lot since I last taught it, and there’s so much to review!

Buying: seeds -- San Marzano tomatoes, as an experiment, and pumpkin (because of the jack o’lantern on the package, largely)

Watching: Alias Grace on Netflix.  It’s good, but when I watch all I want to do is read the book (by Margaret Atwood) because it’s so much more layered and complex than a TV show could ever be

Marvelling: at how fun it is to master a tricky dance sequence -- most of the sequences are fairly easy, but once in a while there’s a trickier one and i just practice until it’s second nature.  It feels so good to finally get it.

Cringing: because my knitting-related shoulder pain is back...I really should figure out a long-term solution so it doesn’t keep recurring.  Ideas I’ve had so far are knitting with timer so I take regular breaks, knitting in a hard chair (rather than on a soft couch), sitting up straighter, supporting my arms so that my shoulders don’t have to take the weight of the knitting, and stretching out my shoulder muscles every night.

Smelling: my many perfume samples, which I’m trying to make an effort to use (and not just stockpile)

Wearing: shorts and fleece, alternately

Admiring: Elena Ferrante’s My Brilliant Friend, which I finally got around to reading.  I was a bit underengaged in the first half, but the story picked up and I sped through the last half

Listening: BBC Radio 4’s Friday Night Comedy podcast -- I’m even starting to recognize some voices, and they’re all so funny