Give Me a Bake

What’s in the oven this week?   Graham cracker cookies!  It does seem a bit weird to take graham crackers, pulverize them into crumbs, then bake them up into cookies, but hear me out -- these are like cookie versions of the graham cracker crust that you’d find on a cheesecake (or, I hear, certain pies, but I’ve only ever used the graham crust for cheesecake).  And without all that cream cheese getting in the way, you really get to taste the salty-sweet crumbiness. And by "taste," I mean "bathe your tastebuds with." The only changes I made to the recipe were to double the salt (to ½ tsp) and to use a 1-tbsp-sized cookie scoop, so I got about 27 cookies.


Also, because I wanted to use up the rest of the box of graham cracker crumbs, I made magic bars (I used the recipe in The Redpath Canadian Bake Book, which isn’t available online, but this one is very similar).  I don’t know if I would actually say they’re magic -- there’s no mystery, to me, about how delicious the combination of crunchy roasted nuts, chocolate chips, coconut, creamy condensed milk, and graham crumbs is.  I’m just waiting for them to cool now so I can start mashing them into my mouth with both hands...