FO: Alafoss

Alafoss is done at last!  It should have been a quick knit but having to reconfigure the yoke myself took a bit of extra time.  Also, not knitting this from the top down cost me a ton of time, though I did learn a lot!


1.  What did you learn from knitting this?

That I shouldn’t be knitting sweaters from the bottom up anymore.  I knit this entire sweater that way, then realized the sleeves and body were too long.  I tried to rip out the top portions of the sleeves and body, but ran into problems when I tried to graft them back onto the yoke.  So, I then ripped out the body and sleeves and reknit them from the top (well, the bottom of the yoke being the “top”) down. To recap, it’s so, so difficult to get the sleeve and body lengths right when you’re knitting from the bottom up, and it’s relatively easy to convert a bottom-up pattern to a top-down one -- however I do the math, it always comes out in favour of the top-down method.

Also, it's the first time I tried the false grafting method:  you start with a bound-off and a cast-on row (no live stitches, hence the "false" part) and then you kind of weave them together to get a neat, nearly undetectable, and hopefully stronger underarm.  We'll see how it holds up, but I am pretty happy not to have as many holes as doing it the traditional way (grafting live stitches together). 

2.  Would you knit this pattern again?

Yes, I think I would.  It’s pretty straightforward and can almost be knit as it’s written.  Even without accounting for converting it to a top-down sweater, I did have to do some math with the decreases in the yoke, to make it so I didn’t end up with strange fractions of the colourwork designs in the yoke, but that wasn’t too difficult.  

3.  How will you wear your new sweater?

This sweater isn’t for me, it’s for O, and I imagine he’ll be wearing it while sipping hot chocolate by the roaring fire in the ski chalet.  

Year of Sweaters Tally:  10