See and Knit: Vogue Knitting Winter 2017/18

I apologize for a) the missing post last Friday (silly me, I set it to come out on March, not February, 2nd, by mistake; it will be coming out this Friday instead) and b) the lateness of this post.  I won't bore you with the details, but LIFE, you know.

I am not the biggest fan of Vogue Knitting magazine (just not my style, I guess) but I am loving the yoke patterns in the Winter 2017/2018 issue.  Maybe not that cold-shoulder one, but nearly all the rest of them.  Sweaters with colourwork yokes aren't new, of course, but I like what Vogue has done with the colours (bright colours in a knitting magazine, finally!) and the patterns are so eye-catching.  Plus there's a little bit of wrong-side-of colourwork pattern in the rightmost sweater in the top row.

All images by Vogue Knitting

Check out pictures of all the patterns in the issue here.