Taking Stock, February 2018

Reading:  Elizabeth George's Inspector Lynley series -- I don't know how I managed to go so long without discovering these amazing books!  A friend recommended them last summer, and I only just got around to starting the series.  I blasted through the first 3 in as many weeks.  And I'm also enjoying Kerry Greenwood's Phryne Fisher novels --  a lot lighter, and enjoyable in a different way.
Drinking: milky Earl Grey tea
Wanting: it to warm up so I can get into my skirts and dresses!

Looking: forward to visiting the new yarn store on the South side here in Edmonton, The Fibre Nook https://www.thefibrenook.com/  I haven't had time to visit yet, but I'm hoping to go to their drop-in time next Thursday
Playing: memory!  We have a Toy Story set with about a million pairs, and I just take out 10-12 pairs for Hazel, which is about perfect for her right now.  As she gets better I'll add more pairs to our game.  It's probably good for my mental development too, haha.
Deciding: on trips for this year.  We've got a month-long overseas trip booked for July, and we're thinking about a camping trip in Yoho National Park in early September.
Wishing: I could meet Trevor Noah in real life.   I know people are probably pretty different from their real selves on TV, but he just seems so smart and fun.  Also, cute as a dimple!

Above, some pictures from our trip to Jasper last week

Listening: the Ed Sheeran/Beyonce duet version of "Perfect" -- so beautiful!
Enjoying: a show by Vinok Worldance...the show itself was very good, folk dancing with live musicians backing, but the best part by far is seeing how excited H gets about dancing!  She even talked to the dancers by herself after the show, and they were so nice to her.
Waiting: Liking: brioche stitch -- I'm working on my first project in brioche stitch, and though it took me a couple of tries to figure it out, I'm really enjoying it now
Wondering: if I have time to fit a Carbeth Cardigan in my knitting queue...if I have to ask, the answer is probably no

Snacking: on Lindt chocolate bars!  Sesame dark chocolate is toasty perfection
Feeling: more comfortable teaching dance fitness, which I started in January, though I'm not totally feeling like an expert yet
Loving: British comedians -- we don't get any British comedy shows here, but it's easy to catch up with QI, The Mash Report, and Big Fat Quizzes on Youtube.
Pondering: how people ever managed to get anything done when they had to heat their houses with wood stoves!  Fires take a lot of love and care, people

Making: a gathered skirt, based on Gertie's tutorial
Cooking: pies! I've been in such a pie mood lately.  Trying to use up frozen berries and fresh apples, and trying to perfect my crust recipe
Considering: whether this is a good time to be purchasing a velvet skirt.  Spring is coming, and I don't think I'll get a lot of wear out of it when the weather is warmer.
Buying: not much, lately, which is a pretty good start to the year. 

Watching: the Olympics, of course!  And knitting at the same time, though I don't usually manage to get my act together in time to participate in Ravelympics
Marvelling: at how fast three-year-olds grow up
Needing: new jeans, but I can never find ones that fit me properly.  Am I the only one with this problem?  Anything that fits in the butt and legs is too small in the waist.
Questioning: whether it's time to put the winter clothes away.  Too early?

Smelling: nail polish...I've been making time to do my nails lately, which really brightens my day
Thinking: about how to set up my garden.  I have a new greenhouse this spring, so I am hoping to start plants in early April and thereby extend the growing season.  Homegrown eggplants, here I come!
Sorting: through toys and baby stuff, for a sale in April
Bookmarking: The Dead South's video for In Hell I'll Be In Good Company

Coveting: Office Tabs, because I tried the free version and it was so useful.  Like browser tabs, just in Office programs.  But I just can't bring myself to pull the trigger on the full version.
Disliking: how my shoulder pain from knitting is coming back, which is putting limits on my knitting time

Opening: coffee from The Roasters Pack, a monthly subscription service that I got as a Christmas gift.  I get three new coffees every month, with coffee descriptions in hipsterish detail.  I can't say I get all the flavours (my palate just isn't that finely tuned) but it's still really nice to try all sorts of different coffees.  So far I've tried Colombia Las Galeras and Ethiopia Sasaba