What I've Been Up To Lately: Not Knitting, That's For Certain

I don't know if I'm a bit burned out on knitting (impossible, right?) but I really felt the urge to sew this last week.  Inspired by Rachel Khoo's beautiful high-waisted full skirts in the show Zumbo's Just Desserts, I poked around and found this tutorial from Gertie's Blog for Better Sewing (it's in two parts, though the first is just instructions for making the pattern).  It's not a new pattern, but then again, the kind of skirt I want isn't a very new style.  I rummaged through my fabric stash, found a nice cotton that I bought in Japan a few years ago and, miraculously, a coordinating zipper, and off I went!

It's still surprises me how much free content and help is available online.  I figured out how to gather the fabric for the top of the skirt using this tutorial, how to install the zipper with this tutorial, and how to finish the hem with this one, though I did end up hand-sewing the hem (tutorial here) because I was too impatient to figure out how the blind hem foot on my machine works.  Plus, I added side seam pockets with the help of this tutorial and this template.  All those free resources!  The crafting community online really is incredible.

And that's my skirt!  There's a little bit of hand-sewing involved (scratch that, there's a hell of a lot of hand-sewing involved, especially if you decided to hand-sew the hem like I did), but other than that, it's a quick project and you end up with a lovely voluminous specimen.  I think I might try it again with a little bit less volume (just a couple of inches off the front and back) next time, but also I'd like to wait and see how much this fabric softens when it's washed.  I'm all ready for spring, guys!  Too bad spring's not ready for me...