Free Pattern Friday: Tea Cozies

I spotted this beauty and was seized by a strange desire to knit a tea cozy.  Even though I basically never use a tea pot (I make a single cup at a time).  Chalk it up to the cuteness of what is essentially a sweater for something that doesn't normally wear a sweater, and the impeccable colourwork on that particular tea cozy, I guess.  Or maybe it's the hunkering-down-in-February mood?

 Image by Slate Falls Press

Image by Slate Falls Press

Lucky for me, there are a loooooot of options for free tea cozy patterns on Ravelry:

Top row, left to right:  Pink (image by Knit Shear Bliss), Smocked (Patons), Beehive (Patons), Ice Cream (Handy Little Me)

Bottom row, left to right:  Candy (DaftThoughts), Basket Weave (Tea For Ewe), Stripes and Dots (Allison Griffith), Pineapple (Tanya Today)

That retro pineapple one is AMAZING, guys!  And it comes in a knit or a crocheted version, so anyone can do it.  And I like the way the Stripes and Dots one includes shaping for the spout -- not entirely necessary, but it sure makes your teapot look even comfier.  The thing that I think would be the biggest headache is if you have an oddly-sized teapot and have to adjust the pattern to fit. 

And if you're more into coffee, how about a French press cozy, or one for your takeout coffee cup?

Left image by Knit Culture Studio, right image by Sabrina Thompson