My 2018 Knitting Project: Lean Mean Designing Machine

Although my project from last year is not yet complete, I can definitely see the end, and I'm so happy with how it helped me focus my knitting throughout the year and really get things done.  I finished so many things that had been languishing, and it felt so good. 

I decided to take on a different project for this year, to try new things while still giving my knitting time direction and purpose.  In 2018, I am challenging myself to develop 6 new knitting patterns.  I should say at least 6, because I could aim for more, but given the time and amount of knitting (and ripping, and reknitting) it takes to develop just one pattern, I think doing more than one for every two months is too ambitious for me and will stress me out, which is counterproductive.  So here are the rules I've set:

  • Design six brand-new patterns, each based on a Canadian (preferably Albertan) yarn from an indie dyer or small mill
  • Develop each pattern to the point where it can be published as a free pattern on my website (which for me, means it can be in one size only)

I think I won't have any other rules; I am planning to do both sweater and accessory patterns, both child and adult sizes, and also to experiment with different techniques (lace, cables, etc.), but I want the flexibility to change my plans on those fronts if I have to.

Will you join me?  You can complete the same challenge, or change up the rules to fit your style (you do you, that's what I (almost never, but it really seems to fit here) say). 

These are the patterns I've designed so far, the Glacier Toque and the Rainbow Valley Sweater:

And I'm already overflowing with ideas for more...time to cast on!