Taking Stock, January 2018

Making: sweaters and sweaters -- it's a race to the finish line!
Cooking: slow-cooker meals...any favourite recipes?  I made rice pudding today (not really a meal, but so good after skating!)
Drinking: coffee, always coffee
Wanting: new shoes for dancing; I've been looking at Ryka shoes, which are women- and dance-specific, but it's so hard to know about shoes just from looking online

Looking: at the beautiful snow falling...we've gotten about 80 cm since last Thursday. 
Playing: on my x-country skis in the snow!  The community league near us held a Skifest this last weekend, and they trackset the whole schoolyard.  We were able to pop out of the alley behind our house and get on a track right away, which is so amazing.  I wish we had more trackset trails here in the city on a regular basis.
Deciding: on trips for the next few months.  So far we've got one ski trip planned for February, and an overseas trip booked for July.
Wishing: it would warm up a bit so we could get out skating some more

Enjoying: the feeling of getting back into the routine after the holidays.  Vacation is good, but it's nice to stay busy!
Liking: my very old Bath and Body Works candle, in Dolce.  It's been a long time since I lit this, I'd forgotten how much I like the smell.
Wondering: how many books I can read this year...I've finished 7 so far, since January 1st
Loving: that my little daughter loves her first tap class so much!  She has an amazing teacher (she's like the Pied Piper with the kids) and has already learned to shuffle, after one class.

Pondering: why it took me so long to put a zipper into a knitted garment...it's really not so bad!
Considering: hibernating until springtime...remind me again why we go outside in January?
Buying: new winter boots!  I went for Sorels, which are big and clunky but very necessary for winter here.
Watching: Fargo...I blasted through the first two seasons (that's all Netflix has).  Gory, but amazing performances and fantastic writing.

Marvelling: at my first zipper sewn into a knitted garment!
Cringing: over my first time teaching dance fitness...I am really enjoying it, mostly, but I am the kind of person who can't really get over every single tiny mistakes I make, even when everyone else has.
Needing: to stop buying stuff I don't need!  Should I get on one of those buy-nothing projects?  I find it very hard to be that restrictive with myself, but I do know I function better with some rules. I started 2017 with some spending rules, and though I didn't manage to completely stop spending on things I don't need, I did greatly reduce my spending on clothes and shoes, which is a victory.
Questioning: why I can't get my own sister, a veteran knitter, to gauge swatch!  She's knitting a sweater for our brother and just flying by the seat of her pants

Smelling: fresh snow and deep freezing cold...it's weird how winter has smells
Wearing: my big Patagonia down parka -- it's like a sleeping bag come to life
Noticing: how a sick child really throws off the whole household's routine
Thinking: about baking, after watching Zumbo's Just Desserts.  The show is pretty standard as reality cooking shows go, but the desserts are beautiful and inspiring. 

Admiring: Trevor Noah on The Daily Show -- he is so smart!  I had my doubts when he first took over the show, but he's really grown into it
Sorting: out my dance routines...I've started teaching dance fitness classes, and it's so much fun!  We do cover three full cardio routines in the first two classes, though, so it's a lot of teaching for me right at the beginning.
Getting: impatient to have a few more sweaters done
Coveting: again from Zumbo's Just Desserts, the co-host Rachel Khoo's wardrobe is candy perfection.  I now really want a brightly coloured high-waisted full skirt so I can look effortlessly glam too!

Disliking: how much it costs to become certified as a Specialty Exercise Leader in Alberta - not that I think there should be lower informational and educational barriers for education, but that you get charged for every single little thing along the way (courses, exams, observations, etc.)
Opening: new shoes that are better than runners (which is what I've been using up until now) for dancing (ahem, speaking of things I don't really need, by the way)
Feeling: so good about being closer to my goal of finishing twelve sweaters!
Snacking: on Christmas baking still!  I have lots in the freezer that didn't get given away, and it's sooooo good.
Listening: to lots of good songs in my dance class; No Roots is probably my favourite