Review of FOs from 2017

I finished a lot of projects in 2017!  There were some baby or child knits:

(clockwise from top left) Jasper Diamond sweater, Striped Boatneck Sweater, Rainbow Valley Sweater, Toddler Surprise Jacket, Baby Kimono, and Pixie Hat

There were adult-sized sweaters:

(from left to right) Hawkherst, Striking; I also completed Schnee but this one was just under the wire; finished on New Year's Eve, and so I don't have pictures yet

There were accessories:

(clockwise from top left) Birch shawl, FLK socks (two pairs, though the second pair isn't visible yet because my husband was wearing them today), Glacier Hat (in three sizes!), Floe shawl, Hot Mess Headband, and Prewitt socks

It's so satisfying to look at them all together like that; a year's worth of knitting.  As previously mentioned, I didn't make my end-of-year deadline for twelve sweaters, but the neck pain is gone and I'm knitting again, so will keep plugging away.  I'm thisclose to finishing the zipper on Killybegs and rethinking the sleeves on Montview. 

Part of the reason I started this blog was to motivate me to finish things, and it seems to have worked, as I managed to get tons of projects off the needles, out of the stash, or rescued from nearly-finished-purgatory.  I also have quite a few useful and warm pieces to use, which is always super exciting. 

I hope 2018 will be as productive!  I will be taking on a new project for 2018, which I will tell you about next week.