Sweater Seven, Installment Five: Alafoss

Or, Hard Graft

So I had the sweater all done, but then I got O to try it on and it was too long in the body and the sleeves.  Instead of ripping and reknitting, I decided to be clever and cut the sweater apart:  I cut the body and sleeves from the yoke, ripped out as much as I needed to to make it the right length, and then tried to graft together what I had.  For some reason, I ended up with a whole bunch of extra stitches in the yoke, and so I ran out of stitches to graft after I had gone the whole way around.  Argh...

Surprisingly for me, because I haven't always been so fond of Kitchener stitch, the grafting itself went pretty well -- it blended right in, anyway, and it wasn't obvious where I had grafted, which means the tension must have matched pretty well.

After months of gnashing my teeth and trying to forget about it, I finally ripped out all the grafting, ripped out all the body and the sleeves, leaving only the yoke; I then steamed the yarn to get the kinks out (this is an amazing trick, by the way) and rewound it into balls.  I started on the live stitches at the bottom of the yoke and am now knitting the sweater from the top down, which is what I should have done in the first place.


I kind of thought, when I started, that I should knit in the traditional way -- that is, from the bottom up.  But now, given how superior an experience it is to knit a sweater from the top down, I think I'm going to modify anything else I knit.