Knitting Book Review: Alterknit Stitch Dictionary by Andrea Rangel

This book came out a few months ago but I only recently got my hands on a (library) copy.  I really didn't know what to expect -- I've seen stitch dictionaries with stranded colourwork patterns before, and even when they're nice I really can't see myself using them a lot.  It could be because of my slight aversion to colourwork; handling two yarns at once isn't always very relaxing. 

Alterknit Stitch Dictionary is so beautiful and inspiring that it's enough to make me overcome my aversion to colourwork, though.  The designs themselves are thoroughly modern-looking and very versatile; some would suit a border, while some would work better as all-over patterns.  Whatever you're looking for, though, you'll probably find in this book.  There are designs that are more abstract, and ones that are more representational, but they're all graphic and striking.

The presentation of the colourwork patterns, which is one of this book's shining merits, is clear and large, with the swatches done to perfection (high-twist, non-fuzzy, high-contrast yarns), and charts that are easy to understand.  And -- this is something that's really easy to overlook in a stitch dictionary, so I highly appreciate it -- every motif has a name, which makes record-keeping easier and gives each one a little personality.

I love that you can tell that this book written by a very talented knitter, and I think the variety and breadth of motifs available in this book would keep any knitter busy for a long time.  You can check out the patterns on Ravelry here.

All photos by Harper Point Photography