Dreaming of Fall Knits, Part Three: Free Mitten Patterns

Cozy mitts are really fall knitting, because it's preparation for the (long, cold, hard) winter ahead, right?  As quick a knit as mitts are, you can't wait until it's -30 Celsius out and you need the mitts NOW to start them.  As a knitter, you have to look ahead a little bit (or a lot -- it's kind of like how the fall fashion collections come out in the spring, when you really don't feel like looking at wool capes and heavy pants). 

I love the look of intricate colourwork mittens, like Jorid Lindvik's, but I don't have the appetite for it.  So I was attracted to these three mitten patterns, which are free on Ravelry, and incorporate a little bit of simple colourwork for interest:  Azurite, Marius votter barn (which is written in a child's size), and Coffee and Cream (from left to right). 


I also like cabled mitts, as they add some cushiness and warmth, like in these three free patterns:  Kaivo, Convertible Cable Mittens, and Wine Mittens.  I'm not the biggest fan of convertible mitts (and don't get me started on fingerless mitts!), because they're really not warm enough for these sub-arctic climes, but it would be easy enough to make regular mitts from that second pattern.  I love how long they are!  Shorter cuffs usually result in exposedskin at the wrists, so I make the cuffs on my mitts long enough to tuck into my jacket cuffs and stay there.  Elbow-length mitts are a bit extreme, but if your jacket sleeves are large enough to accommodate them you'd stay very warm indeed.

Photo Credits:  Azurite (Blacker Yarns), Marius votter barn (Trude Eikebrokk), Coffee and Cream (Megan Charlton), Kaivo (Milla H.), Convertible Cable ( Michelle Porter), Wine Mittens (Jungmi Ryu)