100 Days Left in 2017...

I know this was a few days ago, but September 22nd marked the 100th-to-last day of 2017, and that really made me panic.  Does anyone else feel like the year is just flying by?  Summer is done now, I have preschooler in actual preschool, and I'm starting to see advertisements for this year's Christmas markets. 

I had a really good last couple of weeks of summer; I harvested my one broccoli (shown with H for scale):


And I found time on a rainy day to make a peach pie, with the last peaches of the season:


And my sunflowers are still going strong:


Though it's almost apple harvesting time!


As for knitting progress, I'm still beetling away on True Friend and Schnee, both of which are getting very heavy but should be done before the end of the year (LOL).