Dreaming of Fall Knits, Part Five: Rowan Journeyman

Journeyman is a new collection of knits for men by Martin Storey.  Standard stuff:  a scarf, a hat, a cabled sweater, a hoodie, a shawl-collared sweater -- check, check, check.  Are knitwear designers just giving men the standard stuff they want, or are men just stuck with more tame designs than women are?  It could be that designers are, by and large, female, and designers are, by and large, most comfortable designing for the bodies they know (i.e. women's bodies).  At least the colour story in this collection is a bit livelier than most of the fall collections!  And hey, there's nothing wrong with standard; check out Dean, Heston, and McQueen, some of my favourites from this collection, below.

All images by Rowan