Dreaming of Fall Knits, Part Four: Wool Studio, Volume II

Knit.Wear is always a little underwhelming for me.  Unlike other magazines from Interweave, I tend not to find very many patterns I like in each issue.  The latest one does have a couple of standouts, though:

That's the Monterey Tee by Kate Gagnon Osborne on the left, and the Pacific Grove Tee by Sarah Solomon on the right.  Both are not long-sleeved but could be good layering pieces in the fall and winter.

Is it just me or are all the fall knitting issues this year into really drab colour stories?  It's not just the overload of grey and black and tan in the garments themselves, but then the models are put against boring grey backgrounds.  Where has all the colour gone? 

All images via Ravelry