Project Bags Galore

Are you a project bag person?  I have about a million (give or take one or two -- it's hard to keep track).  Each project gets its own bag, and I usually put in the pattern, the WIP, any spare balls, and tools or accessories.  

I have sourced project bags from a myriad of sources.  Most I've made myself; they're just drawstring bags or zippered bags, sometimes with pockets inside, sometimes not.  I've recruited cosmetics bags to the cause, and also random nice tote bags.  I did notice recently, though, with all the sweaters that I've been knitting, that I don't have a lot of sweater-project-sized bags.  Most of mine are the right size for a pair of socks, or a hat or mitts, but when I get up to 5 or 6 balls of yarn, I'm mostly in tote bag territory. Not that there's anything wrong with tote bags, exactly, but I worry because most of them don't close at the top, and so it's easy to lose stuff.  Okay around the house, not so good for travelling.  And if I'm at home, I prefer a basket or bin for a large project, anyway. 

So when I looked online for large project bags, and found pretty limited options, I set out to make my own.  I have so much fabric and actually, a project like this doesn't take much (about a half-metre each of two fabrics, one for the outside and one for the lining).  It doesn't take much time, either -- each of the bags took me about an hour and a half.  I went for drawstring style over zippers because I'm always afraid of the yarn getting caught in the zipper, and because I just upsized my usual drawstring pattern, eyeballing a lot, so that was pretty quick. 


Ta-da!  I'm very happy with the results, even though I have already had to wash the zebra one (I spilled coffee on it this morning!).  This shows how big they are, next to a couple of sock-sized project bags:


And you can see a bit of the matching-ish linings here.  Each one fits a full sweater in progress, which is perfect.  I'm a big fan of the soft drawstring bags, since I'm usually stuffing a project (or more!) inside a purse or backpack.

In other news, we've had such strange light in the past couple of days (and for most of the summer, actually).  When the winds are just right we get smoke blowing over from the forest fires in British Columbia, and it makes the sunlight look very pink.