Free Pattern: Ten-Stitch Blanket and Sister KAL

My sister Julia (yamwam on Ravelry) showed me her finished Ten-Stitch Twist blanket, and it's so beautiful.  One side ends up with ridges, as you can see below, because of the way the stitches are joined, and it's really pretty.  I think she used about 1000 yards of a worsted weight yarn and hers came out baby-blanket-sized.

Frankie Brown first developed her Ten-Stitch Blanket, then published a plethora of adaptations:  Twist, Zigzag, Triangle, Corner, Wave, Cable, and Double.  The patterns are all free on Ravelry, and she has so far raised £15,941.90 for the Children’s Liver Disease Foundation with these and other free patterns.  These are all really cool patterns, because they're joined as you go, and so at the end you don't have a lot of seaming.

My sister's gorgeous blanket made me want to knit one too; it would be good to knit while watching TV or reading, and would also let me clear out a bit of the stash.  I had a bad habit, previously, of buying strange quantities of yarn: way too much for a hat or mitts, and not quite enough for a sweater.  A blanket project where I can stop whenever I run out of yarn is a fabulous way to get some of that yarn out of the stash, and the yarn I have in mind will knit up quickly and look good in this type of pattern. 

Julia has some stash yarn she wants to use to make another ten-stitch project, so we decided to make this a sister KAL.  Now we just have to agree on which ten-stitch pattern to do!