Dreaming of Fall Knitwear, Part Two

The fall issue of Rowan Magazine (Issue 62) is out!  Don't these knits makeyou feel so cozy?  Never mind that the pictures were probably taken at the height of a sweltering summer; the models make it look so easy. 

I love these two designs by Marie Wallin, Fumber and Sunset.  Sunset (right below) is knit out of Rowan's Kidsilk Haze, which amazes me.  It takes some nerve to look at a fuzzy, thin mohair yarn and think "I should knit an A-line sweater with a cable out of this stuff," but the piece really succeeds.  I'm not the biggest fan of the colour, but that is easily remedied.  And the patterned yoke on Fumber (left below) somehow manages to look both modern and traditional.  I love the idea of working a colourwork yoke in tweedy yarns.

And Bielby, by Martin Storey -- a cabled button band!  It should look unfinished, but it comes off looking polished.  And pockets!  What a cute little sweater for fall, with perfect styling.  Storey also designed the Thackery Scarf, with some very cute arrow patterning.  The stripe of purple really sets off the rest of the patterning in blue.

All images from knitrowan.com