Dreaming of Fall Knitwear

It's only August here, but it's already feeling like cooler weather to me.  Maybe because we were in the mountains last week?  It didn't get above 15 or so during the day, in the alpine region (up by Berg Lake in Mt. Robson Provincial Park), and it was considerably cooler at night.  Maybe it's because school is starting in a couple of weeks -- H is going to her first year of playschool, which is a bit of a laugh (it's only two mornings a week) but is a big deal for her.  And of course, all the back-to-school sales are in full swing!  Or maybe it's because all the fall issues are coming out right about now?  I suppose it makes sense for patterns to be released early, so that you have a time to knit things before you need them, but it kind of puts a damper on the end of the summer.

This is all to say I've got cool-weather knits on the brain (well, more than usual, for me).  The Dryad (left) and Nexus (right) from rhyFlower Knits combine some of my recent obsessions in one garment: hand-dyed semisolids, sock yarn, lace, multicolour shawls, and, in the case of Nexus, unusual construction.  And the company is based here in Edmonton, for bonus points!

Photo credits:  Venomous Flower