Rockies Adventures

How was your week?

It was our fifth wedding anniversary last week, so we celebrated with a camping trip to Jasper National Park in Alberta and a backcountry trip to Berg Lake, which is in Mount Robson Provincial Park, in BC.  Pretty amazing sights!  We saw so many beautiful glacial streams and waterfalls in the valley on the walk in to Berg Lake:


It was very smoky most of the days we were there, because of the forest fires in BC, but we managed to get a peek at Mount Robson one evening:


We took a dayhike from our campsite, and gained 500 m in elevation while hiking through a loop trail that crossed from BC back to Alberta.  There was a cairn at one of the crossing points:


And after the backcountry trip, we went back to Jasper and played a bit in Lake Annette, with H:


We had our wedding ceremony at Lake Annette, right on the walking path.  It was raining that day, but the visibility was still better than this year (due to the smoke). 

I got a bit of knitting done, mostly in the car; I put a quite a few more inches on Schnee (I'm done the second skein now), and I finished the front of True Friend and started on the back.  I love the ingenious shaping on this pattern!  So fun to knit.