Summer Knitting, Having a Blast

I've heard other people complain that in the summer, they have to change their knitting habits; maybe it's too hot to have a whole sweater or blanket in your lap, or it's too humid to have wool on the needles.  I'm pretty lucky in that respect: we have fairly mild, pleasant, dry summers here in Edmonton.  We do get very hot days, above 30 Celsius, for about a week or two a year, and the rest of the time the summer days are between 20 and 25 Celsius, with nice breezes, no rain, and low humidity.  This means that I can knit whatever I want pretty comfortably year-round.  I tend to knit more with wool and wool blends, just because warm and fuzzy fibres are the best suited to the climate here, but my knitting habits are essentially seasonless.   So bring on the heavy sweaters and wool socks in July! 

Check out my summer so far: checking out Churchill Square, knitting a basic sock (basically, everywhere) from my FLK-heel-based recipe (I'm going to call it my Elemental Sock recipe; what do you think?), raiding our strawberry patch (sweet sweet sweet) and pepper plant (hot hot hot!), and appropriating some peonies from the neighbour's plant.