Happy Canada Day! Patterns From the Land of Coffee Crisp

Am I very behind because that I just found out that Coffee Crisp is made and only sold in Canada?  Having our very own chocolate bars makes me strangely proud.  If you've never had Coffee Crisp, then you'd better take a trip over here to get yourself some :)

As well as homegrown chocolate bars, we also have a lot of homegrown knitting talent.  In honour of Canada Day, which was July 1st, I bring you some patterns from Canadian designers (clockwise from top left):

Lots of free patterns from the Montreal yarn shop Espace Tricot (I need to make that Escargot Shawl!)  

Edmonton's Jessie McKitrick's Canucklehead Hat

Jane Richmond's West Coast Cardigan

Knox Mountain Knit Co's Kasugai