FLK Socks Are Done!

How was your long weekend? 

I finished the FLK socks on the July long weekend and O has been wearing them.  I can't recommend the pattern enough:  the heel itself is fun and easy to knit, and not fiddly at all, and the designer, Patty, includes a great guide for sizing socks.  There is also not a single gap or hole around the heel!  This was also my first pair of socks using Judy Becker's Magic Cast-On (funny enough, I haven't been able to make Judy's version work for me, so I use Andrea Rangel's slightly different version), which creates a seamless, graftless, provisional-cast-on-less toe that fits very well.  I'm so happy with how these socks turned out and they were very easy and fun to knit (because I love doing tons of stockinette -- no, really!).

O gamely modeled the socks for me out at his parents' farm.  He says they fit "like a glove," which I hope is a compliment (given that they're socks),  and I've started on a second pair for him, using the same pattern.