Time to Get Cozy?

I should explain my spontaneous hiatus last week:  my brother and sister were visiting from Toronto and Ottawa, respectively, for H's birthday.  We spent the week wandering around town and eating (a lot!) and time just got away from me. 

I know it's July, and we've had a bit of a heat wave lately so heavy knitted blankets are probably not top of mind right now, but how beautiful is this afghan?

The website is selling a pattern or kit (I assume, from the pictures; I can't read it) but this would be easy enough to figure out either with crochet, or knitting, or both.  All you would need is a consistent square size and a stitch dictionary, and the will to devote six months of your life to seaming (rough estimate).  It would be worth it for the pretty, right?  I've seen other knitted and crocheted patchwork-type afghans, but I love the harmonious mix of bright colours and the executive-level pattern mixing:  it's particularly eye-catching.  

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