Free Pattern: Shot Through the Heart

At first glance, this looks like a work in progress, but look closer and you see that what appeared at first to be knitting needles are actually arrows. 

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Heidi Gustad's neat pattern for her Shot Through the Heart wall hanging hits a lot of bright points: it's worked in a bulky-weight wool, so it would be a quick knit; it's worked in veil stitch, which yields a drapey, open fabric that still holds its shape due to the twisted stitches; a heart shape emerges from just a bit of interesting shaping; it creatively repurposes vintage items; it's punctuated with a tassel at the bottom; it references a Bon Jovi song. 

What an imaginative way to incorporate knitting into decor!  This calls back to those fringey wall hangings that have become so popular lately, and to macrame ones, which seems to be coming back into style (or maybe it was never out of style?), but produces something fresh and new.  And I think even if you didn't have a couple of vintage arrows sitting around, you could use vintage straight knitting needles, or make some arrow-looking things out of dowels, or even just use plain dowels in your wall hanging.