FLK Sock

Progressing...I'm still on the leg part of the first sock.  The reason I'm posting is because I was a lot further along, but I realized I had dropped a stitch three inches back.  There was a little ladder for a couple of rows, so I tried to pick up the dropped stitch.  Then, when when I got back to the place where I had dropped it, I tried picking up the rows with a crochet hook, but the knitting got too tight to mask an extra stitch.  It was pulling and looked pretty obvious.


So I ended up ripping back to where I had originally dropped the stitch, and thank goodness it was just stockinette -- it makes me cry inside when I have to rip back in a pattern stitch, especially a difficult one like lace or cabling, especially one that requires a chart, especially in fine-gauge yarn. 

Has this ever happened to you?  I think it's important to share knitting fails -- well, let's call them learning opportunities -- as much as successes, because we get better by making mistakes and figuring out how to fix them.