A Year of Sweaters Surprise

I was hoping to have a finished Alafoss by now, but that project has stalled -- more on that debacle next week.  Instead, I bring you a different finished sweater, one that I had forgotten about.

I was going through my boxes (and boxes, and boxes) of WIPs when I found a baby kimono sweater, very nearly finished!  All it needed was to have the ends woven in and a button sewn on.  I started this sweater over three years ago, before H was born, and she's too big for itnow, but it will make a nice gift for someone else.  I used a bulky-weight cotton yarn, which was a bit of nightmare to knit with -- so splitty -- but looks pretty good now that the sweater is finished.  I also had been planning to put ribbon laces where I ended up putting the button, so I didn't make a buttonhole when I was knitting.  Since I didn't have ribbon to match and didn't feel like buying any, I chose a small button that I could just push through the knitting.

This is from a really nice free pattern; I've made it once before in a DK-weight yarn and will probably make it again.  I can't seem to find it on Ravelry, for some reason, but it's quite similar to this one.

So one episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine + about ten ends woven in + one button sewn on = one baby kimono!  Although I didn't do much knitting on this sweater this year, I'm counting this in my Year of Sweaters Tally as the goal was to get the sweaters into a wearable condition.

Year of Sweaters Tally: 4!