Crushing On: Garter Stitch

I used to think garter stitch looked a bit old-fashioned and juvenile and was only really appropriate for children's and babies' garments, but lately it's been looking a lot more modern to me.  Maybe it depends on how it's deployed (Sylvia McFadden's Waiting for Rain shawl is a feat of knitting design) but then again, I now love the look of garter in one of the knitting world's oldest patterns, the Baby Surprise Jacket.  The garter stitch ridges also add welcome texture to the Garter Ear Flap Hat and the Santa Monica Cardigan designed by Holli Yeoh. 

It's really inspired me to incorporate garter stitch into my knitted garments, from the brim of my Glacier Toque to the hems and collar of my Rainbow Valley Pullover.  I also chose to knit the body of my Floe Shawl in garter stitch, where the pattern was written with stockinette stitch.  Coming up next I've got my Chokecherry Shawl, done in a garter stitch with yarnover stripes, and I'm working on a striped triangular shawl in two shades of brown that will have garter stitch in it somewhere.  Seems like garter stitch really is coming back for me!

Clockwise from from top left, images from sources 1, 2, 3, 4