More to Read: Modwardian

 I've been reading and enjoying Bethany Rae's work on her blogs Modwardian and The Knitting Needle and the Damage Done for a while now, so I thought I'd talk a bit about them today.

Modwardian is Bethany's blog for knitting and sewing projects.  She usually posts when she's done a project, and is pretty thorough in documenting the thought that went into the project.  She talks about problems she had and things she learned; she evaluates the pattern and the yarn; she even thinks about how the finished piece will fit into her wardrobe.  In short, she talks thoughtfully about her process, the planning as well as the knitting, and that really appeals to me.  There's also some bonus sewing, if you're into that sort of thing (which I am, of course -- having only one crafty hobby just wouldn't do!).  These are a few of her knitting FOs:

The Knitting Needle and the Damage Done (I would not have gotten that reference before I married a Neil Young fan!) is a blog where Bethany reviews knitted designs, usually from pictures of the finished pieces.  She has a keen eye for detail, making suggestions for modifications to the patterns, and she's a little bit saucy:

Pattern #17, Bouclé Open Vest, and Pattern #18, Bouclé Pullover. I'm afraid I'm one of those hidebound, narrow-minded knitters who will never be lured away from her belief that sweaters should not look as though they were knitted out of bathmat.

I really like how pictures from all the major knitting publications are aggregated in one place on her site, and it's helpful to read the opinions of a skilled knitter when I'm deciding what I'd like to knit.  She also does a little drive-by commentary on the pattern, often pointing out things I would never have noticed.  It usually turns into a bit of black hole for me, as I can start diving through the archive and not surface for hours.