Fleece Artist National Park Collection

My sister showed me this really cool collection from Fleece Artist:  they've designed a yarn for one national park in each province and territory.  The colourways are supposedly all available in three weights, including Merino Slim (fingering), Chinook (sport), and Back Country (chunky), but based on my research not every stockist carries all of the weights. 

These are the descriptions from their website:

Nova Scotia – Sable Island – Ponies, lonely beaches and shipwrecks
New Brunswick – Fundy – Flowerpot cliffs, sandstone and roaring tides
Prince Edward Island – Greenwich Dunes –  Parabolic dunes, marram grass, horizon sea
Newfoundland and Labrador – Gros Morne – Majestic fjords, tabletop mountains, craggy forests
Quebec – Forillon  – Grey Cliffs of Mont-Saint-Alban and meadows of fireweed
Ontario – Thousand Islands -Islands of granite with pine and autumn foliage reflected in lake water
Manitoba –Riding Mountain  – Roaming bison and black bears
Saskatchewan – Grasslands  – Summer fields under blue prairie sky
Alberta – Banff  – Turquoise waters of Moraine Lake, rocky mountains and alpine forests
British Colombia –  Gwaii Haanas  – Moss draped cedar, mists and memories of totems past
Yukon – Kluane – Rippling curtains of Aurora Borealis
Northwest Territories –Aulavik – Bright contrast Sea coast of the Arctic Ocean
Nunavut – Sirmilik– Shimmering glaciers and ice fields

I so love yarns with colourways where you can see the inspiration!  My favourite is Gwaii Haanas, which reminds me so much of an Emily Carr painting (left), and I really do see the scenery around Moraine Lake in the Banff skein (right).  Moraine Lake is just a few minutes from Lake Louise, and it's the starting point for a lot of hikes in the park.  I've gone to Sentinel Pass to see the larches in the fall, and it's a breathtaking view. 

I think I would have to swatch to be sure, but I bet the skeins would knit up into a beautiful pair of socks or mittens with a slipped-stitch pattern. I just bought a lot of gorgeous hand-dyed yarn at the Edmonton Fibre Frolic this last weekend, so I'm not sure I can let myself buy a skein of this.  I'm also not sure if the colourways are just temporary (perhaps because they're inspired by Canada 150) or will be available later on.

Which one would you choose, and what would you make with it?

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