Crocheted Spring Bunting

I had started this project when H was a baby, and it was intended to decorate her crib.  Greater sense prevailed when I realized that what looked like a cute bunting to me would look like a fabulous thing to wrap around a neck to an infant.  She used to be very into wrapping things around her neck -- maybe some sort of desire to swaddle?  In any case, I shelved the bunting until today, when H found it and wanted it to hang up in her room.  The colours make me think of spring, so I finished off the bunting and up it went!

As far as I recall, I didn't use a pattern.  All I did was crochet some granny square triangles (like these) in different colours of DK-weight cotton from my stash, and then I joined them by making a chain, single-crocheting across the top of a triangle, and doing two chain stitches before single-crocheting across the top of the next triangle.  I also made sure to crochet over the ends as I went -- being able to bury ends as you go like this is one of the things I love about crocheting.

H is very happy with the bunting, and it does add some flea-market-y cheer to her room and is an excellent way to use up scraps of cotton yarn.