Floe Shawl

I got exactly 10 repeats, as predicted, with a teeny tiny ball left over.  Started with the second colour for the body, and realized the instructions for the short-rows won't do because of my truncated lace border.  Decided, based on another Ravelry user's Floe, to do the body in garter, rather than stockinette.

I reknit most of the body of the shawl four times: once using 3 stitches between wrapped stitches, then using 2 stitches, then zero (got a really interesting triangle; sides were too sloped and didn't look very elegant), and finally with one, which turned out to be the sweet spot.

I will end up with a nice curvy shawlette, and though the lace border looks a tad oversized for the body, it probably won't look so bad once it's blocked.  Also, I'm not really interested in frogging and starting over, so it's going to have to do.  It's on the smallish side, but it's long enough to wrap around your neck once, or to pin in the front so it's like a fichu.  Just have to block and trim the ends, and it's all done!