Sweater Four, Installment Two: Rainbow Stripe Sweater

I got so caught up in knitting this sweater that I forgot to take progress pictures!  It's a really simple stitch and the pattern isn't overly complicated.   

The bottom hem is rolling quite a bit -- I know this is normal with stockinette, but do you know any super-secret knitting ninja tips for solving this problem?  Maybe it's just a feature of the fabric I have to accept and design around. 

Incidentally, I started with two skeins, and knit the gauge swatch and body from one skein, and the arms and yoke from the second.  Now I'm left with two balls, which are almost exactly the same weight (within one gram of each other; I am not an ex-lab nerd for nothing).  This is something that could help me estimate yardage requirements for bottom-up yoke or raglan sweaters: the body uses just slightly less yarn than do the arms and yoke.  I wonder if this is really a rule, as in, does it scale up when you are making a larger sweater?

H is pretty excited to wear this sweater, and I made it big enough to fit next fall/winter, but we'll still have a few cool days this spring where she can wear it. 

I'm writing up the pattern now and will release it here and on Ravelry as soon as I can.  It will be just in the 2- to 3-year-old size for now, but I hope to develop more sizes later and expand the pattern. 

Year of Sweaters Tally: 3