Field Trip: Twisted Sisters Co.

Last week, H and I visited the Twisted Sisters & Company, a fibre mill and store, located on a farm in Rollyview, Alberta.  It's not a long drive from here, which is why I was kind of amazed that I'd never heard of them before.

Leanne and her two sisters run the mill and store, and most of the fibre for their mill comes from Leanne's family's alpaca farm.  This friendly fellow greeted us when we pulled up!

H and I did get a tour of mill, but I will save that for a later post.

As well as selling yarns for knitters and other fibre artists, Twisted Sisters carries a lot of items, like scarves, hats, and socks, knitted or crocheted from their yarns.

There was so much yarn available in the store, I really wanted to walk out with one of each kind of yarn so that I could try everything, but I did manage to restrain myself (for now!).

 Just a sampling of the variety of alpaca yarns made at Twisted Sisters

Just a sampling of the variety of alpaca yarns made at Twisted Sisters

The fibre is so beautiful and so soft - I don't have a spinning wheel, but I really wanted one when I felt the alpaca roving.  I could just imagine that lovely fluff running through my fingers!  Their yarns are also super soft and amazing.  They combine alpaca with other fibres, which allows them to take advantage of the properties of the other fibres.  For example, I picked up a lopi that's an alpaca, wool, and silk blend; wool confers some "memory" to the yarn, while silk adds a bit of drape to the knitted fabric.  The silk also has the added bonus of not blending in completely with the animal fibres, so you get this gorgeous effect of a white background shot through with veins of silk.  H picked out a pink skein, and I also picked up two blue skeins.  I'm planning to knit hats with them. 

I also acquired a skein of sock yarn, which is alpaca blended with mohair (for durability). 

I also looked really hard at an alpaca/bamboo blend.  The bamboo adds a really nice drape to the knitted fabric.  Leanne showed us a scarf her sister had crocheted, and it just sent the wheels in my head spinning with ideas.  I wanted to pick up a skein but there weren't too many colours in stock.  Apparently, more of this intriguing blend will be available at the Twisted Sisters Mill booth at the Make It Show in Edmonton (March 24-26, 2017). 

Lots of knitting ahead!  I can't wait to get started...