Sweater Two, Installment One: Montview Cardigan

This is my first sweater this year that's knit from scratch, not a UFO from long ago, but don't worry - it is knit from a UFO from long ago that I frogged recently.  I started many, many years ago to make a sweater for my brother, and it sat for so long that he started going to the gym regularly, lost a ton of weight, and could have fit two of his current self in the sweater I was knitting.  So off to the frog pond, and on to the Montview Cardigan by Ruth Garcia-Alcantud.  Here's a preview:


More details on the sweater project later, because it just occurred to me how scattered I am.  I've got three in-progress projects simultaneously.   I prefer it that way because when there's waiting time (like when you're blocking, or if you're waiting for more yarn to arrive), you still have something to work on.  In fact, I keep more than three projects in progress at any given time: one in front of the TV, one for the car/travelling, one that I have to concentrate on....the list is endless, really.  This is probably why I have so much trouble finishing things!  I do get bored easily and have a toddler-sized attention span, so it suits me to have multiple different things to work on.  I would love to be the kind of person who plans out a project, buys the supplies, and then finishes it before starting another, but that's just not me.

How many projects do you have going right now?  Do you always have multiple knitting projects on the go, or do you prefer to finish one before you start another?