FLK Sock

I've never tried this pattern (or maybe it's more accurate to call it a recipe?) before, but when I read about it on Ravelry I was intrigued.  I'm always looking out for new ways to knit socks, looking for the best fit and the nicest finish.  I've tried a few different ways to do socks, which I will detail in another post, but my most recent experiment is with Sox Therapist's Fish Lips Kiss Heel

Sox Therapist's pattern is incredibly detailed, with plenty of explanation and pictures to support the document.  I especially like the way the photos of the twin stitch method are done, with each row in a different colour so that you can see EXACTLY what's going on.  Besides explaining the FLK heel itself, she also gives detailed instructions for making a cardboard foot form, so that you can check your fit as you go (super handy if you're knitting for someone far away).  It's a great deal for what she's charging for the pattern, and my husband says that what I've knit so far fits really well. 

I went with a simple basic stockinette sock in Lion Brand Sock-Ease.  Besides being straightforward enough that it's not distracting me from the method and the heel, plain stockinette is my favourite stuff to knit.  I just pick up the yarn and needles, watch TV or read a book or chat, and knit and knit and knit.  I can put a lot of mileage (meterage?) on in a very short amount of time, compared to knitting lace or cables.  Lace and cables certainly have their place in my knitting repertoire, and I do knit more complicated things, but I really most enjoy kilometers and kilometers of plain stockinette.

Do you like plain stockinette projects, or do you prefer a more complicated stitch?