Reading About Knitting

I picked up a copy of Carol J. Sulcoski's Knitting Ephemera at the library, not really knowing what to expect, and I found a treasure trove of knitting- and fibre-related anecdotes, lists, facts, and tips.  I might be a bit late to the party, as this book came out in 2015, but there are a lot of really interesting tidbits in it. 

There were a few pages that caught my eye, like a collection of (colourful, haha) names for vintage yarn, which included stifled sigh (mauve and pale blue), abraham (dark or dingy yellow) and carbuncle (deep red). 

I really enjoy interesting names for colourways of yarn - indie dyers get can get really creative!  Some I've seen on Instagram lately are Grey Tabby by Ancient Arts (bonus -- the colourway really is reminiscent of a grey tabby) and Hysteric by Haven Fibre Arts

This isn't the kind of knitting book I would normally get, but I did have some fun paging through it and reading random pages.  I'll leave you with my favourite knitting-related bumper-sticker-saying from the book: IT'S NOT A HOBBY, IT'S A POST-APOCALYPTIC LIFE SKILL.