Sweater Pipeline

Is it bad that while I already have tons of projects on the go, I'm scheming about yet more?  I'm trying so hard not to increase my stash too much, and to knit from what I have, and because I don't have much of any one yarn already in my stash, it's hard to make sweaters.  Thankfully, I do have a small person to knit for, and so I can repurpose a lot of my stash.  I have some old dark blue and some white (excuse me, Dusk and Vanilla) Knitpicks Merino Style.  I originally bought it to make Eunny Jang's Deep V Argyle Vest, which is steeked and so requires a non-superwash wool.  I've since lost interest in that project and stolen some of the yarn to make H a stocking, part of which you can see here:

Between what I have left in the two colours, I can likely make a toddler-sized sweater, and it's got me dreaming about two-colour stranded colourwork yokes, like Boheme, the romantically named 1212-18 and 52-10 (not a yoke sweater but I like the idea of reversing the main colour and background colour on the lower and upper parts), Beehive Raglan, and Turtle Pond.  And doesn't the collar on Kate Oates' Brochan Sweater make you swoon?  So many options...the only way to narrow them down a bit is to swatch, which is my next step.  People on Ravelry say Merino Style is closer to a worsted weight than the DK listed on the label, and I would concur, based on my experience.

Do you also plan your next project(s) while in the middle of knitting something?