Sweater One, Installment Two: Jasper Diamond Hoodie

Sleeves are done!  The pattern is easy to memorize, mostly stockinette, and the sleeves so small that these only took a couple of evenings, all told. 

I can tell from the tiny bit of yarn I have left that a hood is clearly not in the cards, so next I will be blocking and seaming, then finishing up by knitting a collar. 

Since blocking is coming up next, I have a question for you: do you weave in ends before you block, or after?  I go back and forth on this issue, and sometimes it depends on the type of project (I always weave in ends before blocking lace, because it stretches so much, but not always with mittens or hats or sweaters).  Probably more often depends on my mood!

So what's your preference: weave in ends before or after blocking, and why?