Sweater One, Installment One: Jasper Diamond Hoodie

The first sweater I am aiming to finish in 2017 is the Jasper Diamond Hoodie from Vintage Baby Knits (on Ravelry) by Kristen Rengren.  

I started making this before my daughter was born, and so I optimistically was working on the 9-12 month size.  I got the body (back and fronts) done, which is not inconsiderable, but ended up stalling because I was afraid to run out of yarn.  I just couldn't decide how to proceed, and then little H was born, and.. well, you know how the rest of that story goes. 

Last week I picked up this project again and decided it was finally time to finish it. 

Some options I considered were knitting shorter sleeves on the sweater, and taking the whole body apart and starting anew with a pattern more appropriate to the yardage I have.  First, short sleeves: this wouldn't necessarily look bad, but it is a wool sweater, and it seems a little counterproductive, to me, to have a wool sweater with short sleeves.  After all, if you're wearing short sleeves it's because you want to stay cool, and if you're wearing wool it's because you want to stay warm.  This doesn't account for layering pieces for style, but in my experience, layering and squirmy babies don't really mix.

Second, ripping out and starting over: again, not necessarily bad, but given that what I had already knit looked really nice, that there was a not-terrible way to modify the pattern (substituting a collar for the hood), and that it would put me weeks ahead in my Year of Twelve Sweaters quest, I looked for a way around this.

In the end, what I've decided to do is finish the sleeves, then weigh them.  According to the schematic, the hood is about twice as big in area as the sleeves, so when I finish the sleeves, if I don't have at least as much yarn as that left (by weight), then I won't be knitting the hood.  I have to keep in mind that I need enough to do the hood and a little extra for seaming, so if the yarn I have remaining after the sleeves are knit is anywhere close to the amount I had used for the sleeves, then I will go with a plain seed stitch collar, which will be fine.  In the end, it's more important to me to finish up the sweater, and not have to buy any more yarn (in fact, I'm not entirely sure I will be able to buy more yarn, as I got this yarn from River City Yarns on the south side just before it closed, and bought it intending to get a complete sweater out of it).  

I am, or I was, a terrible note-taker with my knitting projects.  I can't even find the pattern copy I was working off!  I usually photocopy the pattern, even if I own the book it came out of, just so I can mark it up, but I either didn't do it with this pattern or can't find my copy.  I had to reverse engineer the piece that I've knitted: I counted the number of stitches in the cast on, and I measured the height from the cast-on edge to the cast-off for the armholes, and I concluded that I really like living close to the edge. 

And so I'm working on the sleeves, continuing my game of yarn chicken, and I'll keep you posted on my progress.

Have you ever started a project knowing you might not have enough yarn to finish?  Did you have a backup plan?