Taking Stock, December 2017

Opening: my new eyeshadow palette -- all sparkly shades, and new to me
Giggling: over my three-year-old's ideas about Santa and Christmas.  I asked her if she wanted to write Santa a letter and she said "maybe after Christmas"
Feeling: like I'd better get started on my resolutions for 2018
Snacking:  on dried fruit -- my wholesale order came in, with 25 pounds of dried apricots.  So far we've mostly eaten them out of hand, but I've also tried an apricot sticky toffee pudding and dipped apricots in chocolate.


Making: cookies, cookies, cookies!  Gingerbread, chocolate crackle, bronzies, shortbread...
Cooking:  curries, to fill the house with warmth
Drinking: eggnog (or, as my daughter calls it, "snowman stuff," because of the snowman on the carton)
Wanting: my Buttercream Clothing dress to come soon!  I love the dresses of theirs that I own and I get tons of compliments on them both.  It's taking a while because they only make it when you place the order, and I ordered on Black Friday.

Looking: at my Christmas tree and all the wrapped gifts underneath; so pretty!
Playing: "Got Your Number" by Serena Ryder, from her album Utopia
Deciding: what to bring to my in-laws' for Christmas...we're spending three days out at their acreage, and although my MIL is doing the heavy lifting in terms of meal planning, I feel like I should bring some fancy stuff along
Wishing: that I had a white tinsel tree and the time to make these giant paper flowers


Enjoying: holiday outings and parties...well, my taste buds are enjoying it; my waistline, not so much
Waiting: for the holidays to really start!  I'm so excited to eat, drink, be merry, rest and relax, and spend time with loved ones
Liking: Christmas with a three-year-old; what a magical age for imagination
Wondering: whether I'll be able to knit again soon!  My shoulder is still being cranky
Loving: IQ by Joe Ide -- I devoured this book in a couple of days.  The main character, IQ, is intriguing, the mystery is so well-paced, and the voice and tone is exactly right.  I hadn't seen any publicity for this author but as soon as I looked, there were tons of praiseful reviews.


Pondering: how I can up my Instagram game -- I want to be posting at least once a day in 2018, but I have to figure out how to make it into a habit.
Considering: whether I should pick up Bristol Ivy's new book, Knitting Outside the Box.  It looks like a really great book, but it's a bit pricey once you convert to Canadian dollars (even buying from a Canadian retailer)
Buying: more tape...so many gifts to wrap!
Watching: The Good Place -- I'm only on the first season, because I'm watching on Netflix.  I found this really good at the beginning, kind of dull through the middle of the season, and now I've got one episode left and I'm excited for it.


Marvelling: that I have kept up my bullet journal http://bulletjournal.com/ for an entire year.  It's made me so productive and I use it faithfully because it works (because it's so adaptable!).  My approach is pretty minimal -- I really admire the beautiful sketches and layouts on Instagram, but I'm not really a quotes-and-drawings kind of person.
Cringing: over how icy it is here.  We got tons of snow in November, then a warm spell with freezing rain, and so everything (like, everything) is coated with a thin layer of ice and man, is it slippery!
Needing: a better needle for my new crewelwork project, a kit I picked up at the thrift store
Questioning: my decision to keep starting new projects when I haven't been able to finish anything lately


Sorting: through all my stash yarn, to see what I can make
Getting: the Google Newsstand app, which is surprisingly good because it has a ton of content
Bookmarking: late-night comedians on Youtube, especially Samantha Bee
Coveting: alllll the yarn...I should stop window-shopping online.  I've filled and abandoned a lot of carts lately!
Disliking: or more like, Getting a bit tired of: all these year-end best whatever (TV shows, movies, music, books) lists, maybe because I'm not very zeitgeisty anymore

Smelling: cinnamon and ginger
Wearing: less warm stuff than you'd think; we've had an unseasonably warm December  
Following: American politics; isn't it sad that it's so all-consuming these days?  It really feels like we have much more important things we should be paying attention to.
Noticing: that Canada Post is delivering on weekends...not sure how I feel about this.  On one hand, more business for Canada Post is great; on the other, I kind of feel bad for the people who have to work weekends.
Thinking: that I have to get all my Christmas cards written and mailed, pronto
Admiring: all the Christmas lights around the city


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