Free Pattern Friday: Holiday Ornaments

Do you like to knit Christmas tree ornaments?  Heidi has an awesome bunch over at Hands Occupied.  And you still have three days until Christmas!  They're tiny, so if you give up sleeping and eating, you could probably get all twelve done, LOL.  Or maybe save them for next year. 

  Image from Hands Occupied

Image from Hands Occupied

And while you're planning ahead, they would make a great ornaments in a knitted advent calendar, like this one (left) or a crocheted one (right).

Images from Yarn Harlot (left) and Yarn Plaza (right)

I love, love, love advent calendars!  A few years ago my sister and I did an advent calendar swap, and she made me a cross-stitched set that can be hung on the tree (left; H is currently getting a puzzle piece per day from it) or made into a banner, and I made her a cross-stitched hanging one (right):

I'd love to have the time to make another advent calendar!  We'll see, in 2018, as I already have a lot of things planned.

Speaking of 2018, that's the next time I'll be posting again.  I'll be taking the next week or so off (as we all should!) to rest and relax and spend time with my family, and I'll be back on January 3rd with new posts for you.  Have a very happy holiday season, and I'll see you in the new year.  Happy knitting, everyone :)