Interweave Knits, Winter 2018

Cables and colourwork:  they're pretty predictable themes for a winter issue, though beautifully executed here.  The devil really is in the details.  Cabled hats are nothing new, but cables only on the brim of the Clinton Creek Hat (top row, left) are nicely thought out.  And on the Mount Lorne Pullover (top row, middle), a colourwork yoke where the pattern is pulled a little bit down onto the body and sleeves:  yes, please!  Another pattern for men (actually, there's quite a nice balance of men's and women's sweaters in this issue), the Eagle Island Cardigan (top row, right), updates the traditional Salish sweater and looks both light and warm.  There are also enough classic patterns to keep you busy, in the Iditarod Pullover, Ibex Valley Mittens, and Rohn Pullover (middle row, left to right).

And does my eye spy, at long last, a little bit of colour?  Huzzah!  Not that this issue doesn't have its share of winter white and stone grey, but red (!) and green (!) in the Grand Forks Pullover, Anchorage Cardigan, and White Mountain Ruana (bottom row, left to right).

I do think I'm going to be picking up this one, though I've got quite a backlog so I don't when I'll get around to knitting from it.  There just aren't enough hours in the day for everything I want to knit!

All images by Interweave Knits