FO: Pixie Hat

My coordinating set is finally complete!  I made two hats for myself and O last year, using up scraps of yarn (I mean, colourblocking), and I did the Adult Small size of PurlBee's Garter Stitch Hat for both.  I did also make one for H with leftover Madeline Tosh yarn, but it was too small (I think it was the baby size?).  So, because she really wanted in on the pokey-uppy hat (LOL, you have to love three-year-olds!) game, I made her one in the Kid size, in (what else?) pink and purple (sorry, Mallow and Rhubarb).  I'm still working and working on my sweaters, but I realized I need to have a small project going at all times so I can knit in the tiniest moments. 


The yarn was leftovers in my stash, of the dearly defunct Mission Falls 1824 Wool variety.  I don't think I realize before how lovely this yarn is!  I had knitted and frogged it a couple of times, and it still knitted up beautifully; it was springy and lofty, with a smooth hand.  A couple of evenings of visiting with the in-laws and boom!  One new hat, one happy girl (though I can't say the candy had nothing to do with it):