Have you started your Christmas knitting yet?

Or maybe you're finished...!!

I was looking at this listicle the other day and a couple of the items really struck me:

17. Everyone wants you to knit them something for Christmas, and it seems like a great idea. Until you remember how time consuming and expensive two jumpers, three pairs of socks and six scarves will be.

18. So this year you promise yourself you’re going to start in July. And you’re still in a panicked rush at the start of Advent.

Yeah, that's usually where I am through most of the fall, actually.  I have, in the past, started my Christmas knitting on December 23rd, which is a terrible idea.  People, other than H, mostly don't ask me to knit stuff for them, but I really like giving hand-knit items to the ones I love (and the ones I can trust to take care of hand-knits).  Every year, I make an overly ambitious list of handmade gifts to make (in that it has more than zero items on it), and every year, I fail at it. There just isn't enough time in the world to get everything I want done.  So I'm declaring myself free this year: free of obligation to a list, and free of guilt.  If I get handmade gifts done, all the better; if I don't, then I will buy some chocolates and let it go.

 Image by Julie Williams at  Little Cotton Rabbits

Image by Julie Williams at Little Cotton Rabbits