Taking Stock, November 2017

Making: Lizzie sweater from Cocoknits Sweater Workshop
Cooking:  paneer, butternut squash, and chickpea curry with naan
Drinking: hot apple cider, stirred with a cinnamon stick
Wanting:  to keep the sweetness and wonder of a three-year-old in a bottle forever (last week she told me I was a landlubber because I don't live on the sea)

Looking: at the poor little snowshoe hare in the front yard, bedding down in the snow and huddling against the wind
Playing: a lot of indoor games!  Duplo/Lego is such a good toy for everyone
Deciding: that what other nuts, fruits, and seeds (and secretly, candy) I can make into these
Wishing: it would warm up just a little; -20 Celsius in November is a bridge too far for this Ontarian

Enjoying: pasta with red sauce and a fried egg on top...try it!
Waiting: for Christmas...normally I'm not too eager, but the snow has me planning out holiday baking and mocking up our holiday card
Liking: Ann Leary, an author I've only recently discovered (The Good House is where I started -- man, do I like New England novels)
Wondering: how I can fit more cakes into my life!  I've made two for birthdays this month:

Loving: my new Japanese Stitch Dictionary, which is so inspiring and makes me want to pick up the needles
Pondering: exercise physiology...studying for AFLCA exam, which is in less than three weeks!
Considering: whether it's too early to put up the Christmas decorations!
Buying: Flipside leggings from Encircled -- reversible and made in Canada!

Watching: The Big Fat Quiz on Youtube...my sister got me onto these and I cannot stop laughing
Marvelling: at how stubborn a three-year-old can be
Cringing: over how difficult it is to dance and yell at the same time...but I'm learning!
Needing: a vacation!  Christmas can't come too soon.

Questioning: which Christmas cookies to make this year.  I usually try to have a variety (one bar, one drop, one rolled, one molded, etc.) and to try new ones every year, and there are just too many to choose from. 
Smelling: coffee; always coffee
Wearing: cozy wool knits, like my True Friend, Icelandic Star, and Hawkherst sweaters
Noticing: Bristol Ivy's new book is out...have you picked it up? Some of the patterns look incredible

Knowing: that I spent too much on Black Friday sales...I shopped online and in person!
Thinking: about picking up the Winter 2018 issue of Interweave Knits (a ton of colourwork yokes)
Admiring: The Wailin' Jennys http://www.thewailinjennys.com/...no new album or anything, just diving back through my iTunes playlist
Sorting: all sorts of stuff to donate to charity...yay, decluttering!

Getting: apprehensive that I won't be able to achieve my twelve sweaters project!  Ack
Bookmarking: Ulla, a magazine of free knitting patterns in Finnish (some of the patterns are in English, and there's always Google Translate)
Coveting: a velvet holiday dress
Disliking: how housework is never, ever done...once you "finish," you just have to start back at the beginning

Opening: my new wireless headset microphone, for teaching fitness classes
Giggling: over how my three-year-old recognizes logos already.  She recognized the PC logo on the bottom of some silicone cupcake liners yesterday, and said she'd seen it when we did groceries.
Feeling: good about getting all my Christmas shopping done early
Snacking: on roasted pumpkin seeds!  Halloween bonus:  we always carve the pumpkin on the 31st, display it for the night, then cut it up, roast it, and puree it on November 1st.  It lasts for months in the freezer.
Hearing: podcasts (Call Your Girlfriend, Reply All, Double X, and Because News)

Thanks to Pip Lincolne of Meet Me At Mike's for the inspiration!